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Anodizing is a very complex process, undertaken by highly specialized and experienced personnel. Sometimes however, problems occur out of nowhere and technical personnel working with anodizing may not be able to solve the problem. Perhaps they are working from experience only, or they have never learned the actual reasons behind the many processes involved.

Often you stand as an anodizer and really don´t know what happens and why. Sometimes you have solved the problem, but then it comes back months later, or sometimes already after a week. Most of the times you work under pressure to solve the problem because anodizing is always the last step in supply chain.

The five reasons for why it often goes wrong when anodizing aluminum!

1. Lack of understanding the anodizing process steps besides experience

2. Lack of chemical and electrochemical knowledge
3. Lack of understading of the aluminum material
4. Failure in understading the importance of narrowing fluctuations in all process steps
5. Forget to acknowledge the rinse tanks as process tanks

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This anodizing course "Introduction to Anodizing" will take you through the background and step-by-step processes, and help you deal with some of the challenges that come up quite often. This course is therefore important in allowing you to produce products of consistent quality for your customers.

The Benefits by taken this online "Introduction to Anodizing" course!

1. Repeated and consistent high quality of your anodizing
2. Delivery security to your customers
3. Optimized production - more quality parts through your anodizing line
4. Happier customers and employees

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