A Knowledge-based Company

AluConsult is an engineering consultancy company that was set up by Anne Deacon Juhl, on 1st March 1999.

During her first assignment, she joined one of the leading Danish companies specializing in anodizing, where she was employed for three years, as Quality Assurance & Development and Research Manager.

In order to accomplish AluConsult's vision, i.e. to become a competent, professional sparring partner assisting the aluminum industry, Anne Deacon Juhl decided to devote all her time to AluConsult as from Summer 2002.

Since then, she has been involved in highly stimulating aluminum projects, international networking and a wide array of activities which have familiarized her with the companies operating in the aluminum industry.

To be internationally involved a move to San Diego, California was done during the period 2008 - 2009. Here AluConsult LLC was started in order to create value for our clients through knowledge and openness. After 10 years of consultancy for AluConsult, Anne Deacon Juhl, worked fulltime as ME and Supervisor for the Surface Treatment department at Terma Aerostructure. Here new knowledge and a lot of great hands on experience was gained with chromic acid anodizing and chemical milling of aluminum, passivation of stainless steel, which were all some of the processes done by Terma Aerostructure. Now back in business as fulltime consultant for the world wide aluminum industry Anne Deacon Juhl wants to fulfill her life mission to help companies use aluminum at its optimum.