Aluminium 2000 congress in Bologna, Italy

Last week the 7th Aluminium Two Thousand International Congress took place in Bologna, Italy. Around 350 people attended from 25 different countries.

With the motto "Let´s build the future of the aluminum world together" the days were fully packed with experts from all around the world. The three day program with parallel sessions included analysis of the aluminum industry, interesting new developments within all different aspects of the aluminum industry; foundry, casting, extrusion, anodizing and painting, automation, architecture, transport industry, environmental protection and recycling, measuring, testing and quality techniques.

A lot of the presentations were about how to save money, which is probably understandable because this is a topic we all can relate to and want to hear more about.

So I was very honored to be asked to present a paper on the cost savings when changing from conventional DC anodizing to Pulse anodizing.

The paper and presentation showed that the ROI is less than a year for an Anodizing line to switch from conventional DC to Pulse anodizing - all because of the increase in productivity.

I am proud to say that the paper, among three others, was awarded "Most interesting presentation", at the congress.

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