Happy New Year

Dear Anodizing World readers

2011 is already rolling with the possibility of new ideas, new goals and new questions.

With a hope of a prosperous 2011 I look forward to write a lot of interesting posts about aluminium and anodizing this year.

This year will also be the year where my first Ebook about anodizing will be launched, so stay tuned.

You will find the first two anodizing news in this New Years post.

As a board member of the Aluminum Anodizers Council and Vice chairman of the Education committee I am happy to announce the first poster session for students ever with only focus on anodizing. The poster session will take place at the 20th Annual Anodizing Conference in Phoenix, AZ in October.

Take a look at the Aluminum Anodizers Website if you are interested, or know a University or a student who works in the area of anodizing.

If you are an anodizing freak like me, you will love this animation of the hard anodizing process. Take a look at Luke Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Mr. Chris Jurey is the retired President of the International Hard Anodizing Association and the one who made 2010 symposium fantastic and with very interesting papers.

If you would like to know more please contact me at blog@aluconsult.com