The end user of anodizing, who are they and what do they want?

The end users of anodizing are plenty, such as architects, industrial designers, engineers and many more.

So the definition of an end user of anodizing is that they use anodizing to enhance the value of their end products.

Architects use anodized aluminum for building exteriors, such as storefronts, curtain walls and roofing systems.

Designers use anodized aluminum in all kinds of appliances such as audio, televisions, awnings, dust covers, light fixtures, storm doors, window frames, mailboxes, bathroom accessories, patio covers, and wall switch plates for buildings.

Engineers use anodized aluminum for aerospace equipment, solar panels, wind mills, under water equipment, pistons and medical equipment.

These examples are only a few of all the possibilities for anodized aluminum. Common to all of them is that the anodizing process has to be superior to give the most outstanding and optimal result.

I will use this definition when I describe different anodizing specifications and standards, so you as an end user can figure out what to ask your anodizer.

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