The Beginner’s Guide to Anodizing World - A Guided Tour

Anodizing World provides an additional voice on Anodizing. An independent voice with a lot of knowledge and new ideas about Anodizing.

  • From processes and optimizing to success with the end product, all change begins when we start being open minded and share with each other.

  • This site will give you a personal and passionated place to search for all the different topics about Anodizing.

  • For Anodizers, as well as for the end users of Anodized Aluminum. This site has helped with everything from everyday frustrations and troubles to stronger symptoms like lack of Quality and Customers.

  • Anodizing has been covered extensively well; you can find information in lots of books and various forums on the net - it takes time and sometimes you get confused.
  • Everything here has been proven to make a tremendous difference in my own Anodizing life, as I hope it will in yours.

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Hard Anodizing