Glossy or matt aluminum

If you like glossy materials, special aluminum of course, you should take a look at this blog where Richard Karsten works on a book "Beyond Color: Achromatic Phenomena," a book exploring the attributes that affect the way a surface or object appears, such as gloss, luster, transparency, luminosity and iridescence. You can share your ideas there and participate in the conversation about achromatic phenomena in design, art and nature.

Well, very interesting - this is a woman’s thoughts - glossy is definitely eye-catching, new and valuable, pure, untouched and clearly a reason for the diamonds and gold obsession you see.

In the aluminum world I see a trend towards the more matt surface again after 5 - 10 years with high gloss anodized surfaces. The reason – well, in my opinion, is the new simple living lifestyle where back to basic is good. So matt aluminum surface is probably more trendy now because it actually shows us the real world.

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