First Anodizing Workshop in 2010

If you didn´t get the chance in 2009 to attend any of my anodizing workshops, THEN you should attend one of the anodizing workshops in 2010. You will have the possibility to join the workshop in the end of January in Phoenix, AZ and a lot of other places during 2010.

So if you still want to get more educated, increase your knowledge about anodizing, get new ideas, understand what happens when problems occur during the anodizing process and talk with a lot of other anodizers from around the US, the possibility is still there.

These anodizing workshops are a cooperation between The International Surface Finishing Academy and AluConsult, world leaders in the area of education and anodizing.

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The outline for the two days anodizing workshop is as follows, changes can happen during the days depending on the individual attendees need.

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