Opportunities instead of threats

A couple of years ago I attended the National Manufacturing Week in Chicago.

The Keynote speaker was Alain Balda from Alcoa, "Turning Today's Dreams into Tomorrows Solutions". Much of what he said was about outsourcing and the new markets Brazil, Russia India, China and Korea.

Some of his statements were about seeing opportunities instead of threats. 300 million people will over the next few years earn more than 120,000 dollars per. capita.

60 million people will move from rural to urban areas each year until 2050, meaning that a new Paris or Beijing will occur every other month. This requires new methods and ideas to keep pace with this development.

There's no doubt that aluminum will be a material in massive growth because of the environmental benefits in terms of weight, but also recyclability. Advanced materials technology, resulting in less resources will be needed and new finishing processes and methods will see the light of the day.

The global production of aluminum in 2005 was 31.9 million tonnes and more than 70 – 80% of all aluminum is finished.

The market is huge, your industry could be in the middle of it, and anodized Aluminum is the answer to the requirement for sustainability in the expected growth.

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