Anodizing: A mature or an evolving process?

"Anodizing is a mature and well known technology", when people say this to me it seems like nothing needs to change, everything has been invented and every good idea has already been tried before.

Maybe anodizing is an "old" and well known technology but when I am in contact with the industry I meet people saying, "Wow, there is actually an explanation for what´s happening daily in the production"

How do we, as an industry, create new resources with a modern look at anodizing, covering traditional, and new technologies. Resources that can replace all of the old books out there and give new inspiration to people so new inventions will happen.

And how about all the knowledge in the old books, and in all the people who works and have worked with anodizing everyday?

How can we gather all the knowledge, educate and use it wisely to improve the whole anodizing industry?

To increase the use of anodized aluminum we have to change our minds and believe that 1+1 = so much more than 2. We must work together, be open minded, and share ideas, information and knowledge.

A way to do this is by joining the Aluminum Anodizers Council with a mission to not only gain new knowledge but also to contribute.

Paul Fisher from ISFA said a couple of months ago, “There can never be enough education in the metal finishing industry.”, and, "We must all begin to take an active role in the transfer of this knowledge, by any means possible.

In January we all heard the words "Yes, we can" and we can make changes, also in the finishing industry. We just need to keep the internal flame burning, remember our passion and our integrity, believe in what we are doing and remember that most people are afraid of changes, even the ones which are doing them good.

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