A lot of Anodizing Education

September and October will be months were you can increase your knowledge about Anodizing.

The first possibility is in September in Charleston at the Annual Southern Metal Finishing Conference.

If you missed the last two-day Anodizing Workshop in San Diego, you will now be able to attend and at the same time have the opportunity to do a lot of Networking with all the other attendees.

During the two day workshop, students will be taught the anodizing process from pretreatment to post treatment. The course will cover bath analysis, handling, quality control and various waste treatment options, along with other hot topics for today's professional anodizers. Following this Anodizing Workshop students will have a well rounded understanding of practical anodizing, supported by an expanded knowledge about the fundamentals of anodizing in sulfuric acid.

The second time will be in Fort Worth in October at the Eighteenth Annual International Anodizing Conference & Exposition. The Aluminum Anodizers Council has a one day Anodizing Essential Workshop where suppliers to the Anodizing Industry present the fundamentals of Anodizing as it relates to their specific capabilities. The next two days are more in-depth presentations about Anodizing and a plant tour to Lockheed Martin.

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