Metal Finishing trade associations work together with SFA and AluConsult to increase the knowledge in the finishing industry

The two trade associations, the Metal Finishing Association of Northern California (MFANC) and the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC) are announcing their 2010 Supplier Showcase taken Tuesday and Thursday, February 16 and February 18.

February 16, 2010
Quiet Cannon
Montebello, CA
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

February 18, 2010
Nepredak Hall
San Jose , CA

The Surface Finishing Academy will host the second anodizing workshop at the Embassy Suites - Silicon Valley coinciding with the annual MFANC Supplier Showcase Night in San Jose. The MFANC event will immediately follow our workshops on February 18th.

All SFA students will receive complementary general admission to the Supplier Showcase, and MFANC members may receive a 10% tuition discount for either of our San Jose courses. Please contact Paul Fisher at the Surface Finishing Academy if you have any questions or need more information.

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