Metric conversion factors you need when using Anodizing

There are a few basic metric conversion factors which are very useful when you work with Anodizing (Anodising). These are approximately values, so it is easy to calculate.

1 mil is approx. 25 µm (0.2 mil = 5 µm)

1 in is approx. 25 mm

32°F = 0°C
68°F = 20°C
77°F = 25°C
212°F = 100°C

130 - 180°F approx 55 - 82°C (Cleaning solutions and Alkaline etch solutions)

12 - 24 A/ft² (amps per sq ft) approx. 1.2 - 2.4 A/dm² (amps per sq decimeter)

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