Why shouldn´t we fix the economy and the planet at once

President Barack Obama encouraged us all, not only the environmentalists by his focus on renewable energy. Of course there are some economists which are skeptical he can fix the economy and the planet at once.

I believe that using Anodized Aluminum will be one of the small foot step in the right direction.

Why ?

A lot of improvements are done in order to produce “greener” surfaces using less energy. Anodizing is the most environmental friendly and "natural" choice when Aluminum need a beautiful and sustainable surface.

By nature Aluminum has a protecting oxide layer on its surface, which gives the Aluminum surface a matte and white look. The oxide layer makes the surface very resistant to corrosion (does not rust). Different types of surface treatment can enhance this property further.

Together with lacquering, anodizing is the most commonly used surface treatment for protecting and decorative purposes on Aluminum.

In anodizing the natural oxide layer is made thicker through the anodizing process so that improved corrosion and wear properties are obtained. During the process a porous oxide layer is formed giving way to colouring in a number of beautiful colours.

Munk´s Alu-Spectral is just one of many processes for coloring anodized aluminum.

The oxide layer formed on aluminum during the anodizing process is actually the natural form of aluminum found on the earth, aluminum oxide (Bauxite).

Therefore when recycling anodized aluminum the formed aluminum oxide layer will have less impact on the environment than powder coated and painted aluminum.